In the middle of two days in Bristol for the NCAS science conference. Good to see what so many of my colleagues are up to (distributed as they are, across the UK).

My talk on the influence of Moore’s Law on Atmospheric Science is linked from my talks page.

I wish the rest of the talks were publicly available, there is a lot of good stuff (much of it yet to come, today). The problem with (very slow) peer review as a gold standard is that a lot of stuff only sees the public light of day (even into the relevant science community) long after the work was done, whereas much of it is fit for exposure (and discussion) well before then - but you have to go to the right meeting/workshop/conference. However, some of what is discussed is provocative, and work in progress … and of course our community is (for good reasons, mostly related to an uneducated public spotlight) somewhat shy of premature publication. It’s a conundrum.