This is my blog and website. You can find out more about it and me here. My main research interests are climate science and the necessary underpinning software engineering, data science, computer science, and compute and storage architectures. Keep up to date using my feed.


My last few blog items (if the blog is quiet there might be more recent talks, see below):

  • Digital Earths - The fourth phase of (ESM) modelling maturity? -

    I recently introduced my definitions of “Digital Twins” and “Digital Earths” and concluded with the statement that I thought there was scope to do good thing in (these new) twinning activities. There are two such axes of scope: scientific and technical. Here I want to discuss the latter (and it’s impact on some science). In the discussion which follows I’m talking about Earth System Models (ESMs), but the arguments could apply to many other modelling activities (e.g. epidemiological modelling).

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  • What is a digital twin? -

    There is a lot of talk about “digital twins”, so my first question was: “what is a digital twin?”

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  • The future of the ESGF -

    I think most of the community who use climate projections and the products of climate model intercomparison projects depend in some way on the Earth System Grid Federation (ESGF). The ESGF consists of data nodes which are distributed globally, holding petabytes of data:

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  • Humans in climate models -

    I recently had my attention drawn to Beckage et al, 2020 - “The Earth has humans, so why don’t our climate models?”

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  • On scientific software - reproducibility -

    Well I had to expose this series of blog posts before I had them all done because of this:

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  • On scientific software - definitions -

    So far in this series on scientific software, I discussed the notion that it might not be that easy to define quality for scientific code (and left some questions hanging about how we might do that), and introduced some scope questions>scope questions about what we mean by science code, and did that by producing a big diagram with lots of stuff.

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  • On scientific software - scope -

    Last time I discussed the idea that the notion of “quality scientific software” wasn’t very helpful, insofar as scientific code quality is a bit like beauty, being “in the eye of the beholder” - but I concluded with a few questions that IMHO are more important than “is it quality?”, being:

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  • On scientific software - a beginning -

    All the opprobrium for Neil Ferguson’s epidemiological code has got to me. Enough that I’m going to commit myself to a series of blog posts, after a long silence here … (note that I have not committed to the interval period though!)

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