For some reason both bloglines and technorati seem to have turned up their noses at my blog. I wouldn’t mind, but I kind of rely on them to find if there are any inbound links to my blog (and thus anything worth pursuing). There aint much point asking the lazy web a question if I can’t find any links pointing to the question …

  • Tecnorati is stuck claiming my latest post is from the 6th of October last year (despite the little preview graphic actually being current and a ping from yesterday).
  • Bloglines has a post from November the 14th, but amusingly finds a citation to a january post when I look for posts, but doesn’t find that post when I look for citations.
  • Google blog reader finds my blog ok, and google web search finds stuff in my blog, but not google blog search. What to make of that?

Oh well. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised, there’s never been much overlap in what they found as citations, so the fact my posts themselves have disappared into obscurity snouldn’t surprise me.

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Chris Rusbridge (on Wednesday 04 February, 2009)

I’ve not played much with Bloglines, but as far as I can see, Technorati sucks! You can do successive searches and see stuff appearing or disappearing over a period of seconds.

Maybe you have to rely on lazyweb being interested enough to read, and post comments?

bryan (on Wednesday 04 February, 2009)

Hi Chris I think you’re right … but sometimes I have found it useful to find inbound links where folk haven’t commented here. Oh well, the upside is there is less to read this way :-) Cheers Bryan