I’m hopelessly behind on my blog reading, otherwise I would have spotted this new Nature policy sooner:

Accordingly, we have modified the Nature journal policy on authorship, which is detailed on our [website](http://tinyurl.com/dkgbf8). For papers submitted by collaborations, we now delineate the responsibilities of the senior members of each collaboration group on the paper. Before submitting the paper, at least one senior member from each collaborating group must take responsibility for their group's contribution. Three major responsibilities are covered: preservation of the original data on which the paper is based, verification that the figures and conclusions accurately reflect the data collected and that manipulations to images are in accordance with Nature journal [guidelines](http://tinyurl.com/cmmrp7), and minimization of obstacles to sharing materials, data and algorithms through appropriate planning.

To echo Chris who was the last link in the chain to get the news to me, this really is good news, both for science, and for those of us trying to convince folk of the importance of data curation.