This page describes the current status of the development of

There are three parallel activities underway:

  1. Migration of blog content from my old blog,
  2. Migration of “talks: and “pages” from the same place, and
  3. Addition of functionality here.

Current Status

  1. Functional with a few problems
    • Category pages are broken.


  1. Tagging and categories
  2. Migration from old blog.


  1. Commenting
  2. Migration to https

What’s been done

  1. Choice of blogging technology: jekyll (after a number of false starts with other techologies).
  2. Blog “theme/template” was based on Steven Miller’s Blog, informed by Michael Rose’s So Simple Theme
    • Thanks both!
  3. Other stuff:
  4. Most recent talk and blog content has been migrated, plus a few bits and bobs from the past to make sure it all works.