Once upon a time I mentioned that we now have a megane estate car. I raved about it’s fuel economy.

Today I was confronted with two light bulb failures to fix: the reversing light, and the front left indicator. No problem I thought. Well, thus far I’ve failed to fix the reversing light (but it looks doable), and I failed to replace the indicator light too. Fortunately I didn’t have to, because at the point where I’d just about given up trying to fit my hand up an impossibly small hole, while turning the air blue about the quality of French engineering, I resorted to the Internet. Luckily (thanks Google too) I found this, which I’m repeating in it’s entirety because I trust me more than yahoo to keep this for the lifetime of my car:

... lock your steering out left or right depending on which side is blown you will see a removable cover which you might need a screwdriver to pop off..now this is tricky and make sure you take off your watch or your arm will get stuck put your hand up and feel around for a flat plastic leg about an inch long this is the holder that the bulb sits into then screws into the lamp most of the time the bulb isn't blown its just this holder comes loose so turn on your indicators and twist the holder to tighten it and they more than likely will start working again as this closes the contacts between the bulb and the lamp...if the bulb is blown twist the other way and keep pulling back while twisting so it will pop out when the legs get into position you will have to fiddle around the bulb/holder to get it down and out the gap in the panel as there isn't much room usually u have to take your hand out to give room for the bulb to come down then change the bulb and you should grease the rubber seal on the holder just makes twisting it back easier..fitment is the exact opposite of removal but it is tricky and will have to bend your hand over and back and twist around and in and out but if you have the patients you should have no problem...but say a prayer you just have to tighten it not change the bulb!