Just in case you’re wondering why the blogging has dried up yet again (from its already droughty state): I’m half way through a seriously silly week. Monday: Brussels, Tuesday, Wednesday: Lancaster, Thursday, Friday: Paris. I seem to be in a maelstrom of meetings and deadlines that never quite ends. This week it’s just a bit more obvious because I’m out of town, and I’m generating a huge number of train miles/hours: I will have been travelling for roughly 28 hours this week (although that time is inclusive of trips to and from stations, and underground etc, it still leaves in excess of 15 hours for real work done using my trusty laptop, albeit with a newly dodgy wireless connection).

So, Monday was the year one metafor review meeting. You can download the talks if you want to. It went well. The main points of feedback were to use more of a model driven architecture (!), and to widen the net of model contributers and metafor users.

Yesterday I did some work to prepare for today and thursday/friday, and travelled to Lancaster. Here we’re concentrating on MOLES, running through the new version with folks representing the diversity of NERC’s environmental science.

Tomorrow and Friday, it’s back to Metafor, working on the semantic structure and software implementation of a questionnaire that can capture key aspects (scientific descriptions) of the models being used in the upcoming CMIP5 model intercomparison project.