So, I’ve been quiet. That’s what happens when you go on holiday, where the electrons don’t go … camping in the “Doone Valley” for three nights, followed by six nights “on the beach” in Hayle.

A flavour of the time:

Image: IMAGE: static/2009/07/01/holidays.jpg

Down the left: the valley itself (we camped a few hundred yards or so down the river from that point), an Exmoor poney near Dunkery Beacon, and an image to remind me of the night cold - and the beauty of real fire.

Down the right: the beach at Hayle looking towards St Ives, visiting the Chysauster iron era village, and the night warmth - and the beauty of seaside sunsets.

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Adrian (on Thursday 02 July, 2009)

Haven’t been down there in too many years; your photos are a good reminder to go back soon… Cheers Ad