Two weeks to report this time, primarily because I had a day off on sick leave, and two days on real leave, so there’s only seven weekday workdays to talk about (although I have just spent bit chunks of both yesterday and today, that is, sat and sun, on work as well).

Early on the main thing I was doing was trying to catch up on the ever increasing email mountain, but in week six, by the time I took out a day in London for a NERC Information Strategy Group meeting (mostly about the future of NERC data centres), a half day on technical futures for CEDA, another half day on my final CEDA monthly meeting and a follow up meeting on CEDA support for SPARC, and a day off on sick leave, that only left a few hours here and there to get much done. The net effect of course was that the email mountain grew.

To be fair, it wasn’t so much that the email mountain grew, but the Nozbe task list grew. I did manage to process a lot of email, but quite a lot of things got thrown onto the pile for “later”.

Then this last week (week seven), we had a few days on holiday down Dorset/Devon way. Just the couple of nights, but real recharge territory. However, back to work on Wednesday, and back to London - this time for an NCAS Science Strategy Board meeting, so only two real work days available.

So, in the work time, I did a wee bit of work on the ENES infrastructure foresight that I’ve talked about before, and quite a lot of work on the first deliverable we’ve got for ESIWACE: which is on requirements and business modelling for (weather and climate) data centres. Given the constraints on my time during the week, it’s been a big effort on that this weekend too. I suspect quite a few things from that will turn up on my blog …

… but anyway, that’s the weeks that were.