I’ve been on holiday … more of that anon. When I catch up on email and administrivia enough to return to things of interest to others, blogging will return too …

Meanwhile, I know that some of my readers fall into the camp of “can’t quite believe this climate stuff” but “don’t believe the nutters either”.

So for you: two videos and something to provoke some thinking, most of which agrees with my thinking too, but I haven’t the eloquence or the strength to follow through to write things like that myself …

  • So, ten minutes from Hansen. Listen and Learn.
  • Nearly twenty minutes from Seita Emori. The model he’s describing was the highest resolution model in the AR4 archive. That doesn’t make it right, and he probably ought to caveat more the results beyond temperature, but it’s all very plausible. The fact that it is even plausible should cause concern!
  • And finally, Michael Tobis: “My view in a nutshell”.

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Hank Roberts (on Tuesday 05 August, 2008)

Thank you for this.