Despite appearances to the contrary, I’m not planning on disappearing down a computing geek hole, and forgetting about climate and the environment, it’s just that the day-to-day problems on the top of the list at the moment are “informatics” related.

Anyway, in the interests of showing willing, and doffing my hat towards Michael Tobis who continues to plough a unique and important furrow in the blogosphere, he pointed me towards reading two fascinating things today while masticating my sarnies:

  1. At some point in the future, existing economic ideas just have to break, growth forever is a broken idea. I still remember fervently the day I first realised it, when as a young teenager some Isaac Asimov book (I think) pointed out that at the then current growth of the human race, all the molecules in the known universe would eventually have to be used to make humans … and it was only a few thousand years away! It doesn’t take a genius to do the extrapolation back from that to economics and growth, particularly when one factors in rather more planetorial scales and resources.
  2. And maybe that day isn’t so far away! I’ve been worrying about Peak Oil for a long time (perhaps before it was a fashionable term, I don’t know), but I’d never considered peak capital …

(Last time I visited Peak Everything, it was at Michael’s invitation.)

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confidence and competence (from “Bryan’s Blog” on (on Friday 12 June, 2009))

Last night I read an article in New Scientist … confidence .. less than twenty-four hours later, Steve Easterbrook has a really thoughtful … competence …

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Michael Tobis (on Saturday 13 June, 2009)

I am a bit at a loss for words.

My furrow, if it ever had wanted to be anything at all, would have wanted to be considered unique and important. My furrow is very deeply honored indeed.

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