I have yet to read the paper (pdf sub needed), but via Joe Romm I see that MIT have just had a new study appear, from which they apparently (it’s not in the paper itself) produced the following figure:

Image: IMAGE: static/2010/09/27/mit-wheels.gif

I don’t think it much matters whether the details of these roulette wheels are right or not, because I think the general message is:

  • if no policy is enacted we face a climate future from a bunch of really bad outcomes, and
  • if some sensible policies are enacted, we might just have a chance of having a climate future for which our children might be able to forgive us, and
  • we don’t get to choose within these wheels, only between them!

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Nick Barnes (on Thursday 30 September, 2010)

A 3-4 C rise being depicted as a nice reassuring green….