Ok, I promised to report my experience with pagico at week one.

I really like the dashboard view, and the must do and might do lists … I found it a really good way of thinking about what I need to do next. However, the bottom line with Pagico is that it’s harder than I’d like to get information into Pagico, and to move between Pagico’s view and other views of information (in particular, Evernote).

Email integration: I did go ahead and put my gmail through apple to investigate. I can drag and drop an email from apple mail into Pagico, but it ends up as being an item in a collection of items for the Project. So, if I understand it correctly, if I want to postpone answering an email because it’ll take more than a couple of minutes, the expected workflow is: drag and drop it into a project collection, then create a task, then give it a due date. Not really frictionless, I really wanted emails to become tasks with minimal intervention.

However, it looks like there is a better option for (apple/outlook) mail integration if you have mailtags installed. I don’t, but I suspect I would if I lived in Apple mail land. (Actually, if you live in Apple email land, and email is the main issue for you in terms of GTD, mailtags might be of interest in it’s own right).

Evernote integration is simply via the ability to drag and drop links, which are to the browser version, and always open it in a tab which requires logging in. Compared to competitors, this isn’t really integration.

Drag and drop feels incomplete. In some views, I can easily drag files onto tasks, but in other places, come what may, I can’t help dragging them onto the parent project. I found that frustrating …

So, my final feeling with Pagico - at the moment - is that it has a really good interface for task management, but until they fix email and evernote integration properly, and deal with the drag and drop issues, the friction of getting information into Pagico is just too high. I’m going to look elsewhere (and hope I can get all my tasks out of my trial version of Pagico). I could easily be persuaded to come back if they sorted the evernote/email integration.

So, I’m still inspired enough to keep on with GTD tools, so I expect there will be more to report anon.