The main goal of ESiWACE is to substantially improve efficiency and productivity of numerical weather and climate simulation on high-performance computing platforms by supporting the end-to-end workflow of global Earth system modelling in an HPC environment.

The project is being delivered in five work packages:

  1. Governance - as a centre of excellence, ESiWACE aims to address community issues, rather than just those of the partners, so there is a mechanism to work directly with, and on behalf of, the community.
  2. Scalability - How can our existing models exploit more parallelism effectively? Can we add more complexity and/or resolution, and drop the time-to-solution?
  3. Usability - The objective is to foster the usability of high end HPC by addressing the end-to-end workflow in both research and production modes using available tools, software, computing and data handling infrastructures.
  4. Exploitability - Exploiting simulations means being able to write, manage, and utilise the data products. This is becoming an ever larger problem, with performance issues and volume both being problematic (e.g. see my talk).
  5. Management and Dissemination - Along with managing the project, a key objective is to get results “out there” to ESiWACE partners, supporters, a “user group committee” (UGC), climate research institutions and weather services, the wider scientific community, other major relevant projects, the Commission, and the general public.

An underlying thread will be to prepare for the upcoming exascale era by establishing demonstrator simulations, to be run at highest affordable resolutions (target 1km). The aim of this exercise is to yield insights into the computability of configurations that will be sufficient to address key scientific challenges in weather and climate prediction.

The project has been funded by Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme, call H2020-EINFRA-2015-1 “Centres of Excellence for computing applications” of the DG Connect, under grant agreement No 675191.

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