The Future of ESGF in the context of ENES and IS-ENES2

Presentation: pdf (2MB).

I probably tried to do too much in this talk. There were three subtexts:

  1. We as a community have too much data to handle, and I mentioned the apocryphal estimate that only 2/3 of data written is read … but I confused folks … that figure applies to institutional data, not data in ESGF …
  2. That the migration of data and information between domains (see the talk) requires a lot of effort, and that (nearly) no one recognises or funds that effort (kudos to KNMI :-),
  3. That portals are easy to build, but hard to build right, and maybe we need fewer, or maybe we need more, but either way, they need to both meet requirements in technical functionality, and information (as opposed to data) content.