This is my blog and website. You can find out more about it and me here. My main research interests are climate science and the necessary underpinning software engineering, data science, computer science, and compute and storage architectures. Keep up to date using my feed.


My last few blog items (if the blog is quiet there might be more recent talks, see below):

  • Two new preprints -

    I’ve just added links to two preprints to my publications page. Quite different topics. (There are also a lot of recent talks online as well, I’ve had a busy month!)

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  • Under the hood of a Digital Twin ESM -

    In which we peer under the hood of the idea that ephemeral data produced by a digital twin can be used by collaborators who co-designed the digital twin experiment.

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  • Digital Earths - The fourth phase of (ESM) modelling maturity? -

    I recently introduced my definitions of “Digital Twins” and “Digital Earths” and concluded with the statement that I thought there was scope to do good thing in (these new) twinning activities. There are two such axes of scope: scientific and technical. Here I want to discuss the latter (and it’s impact on some science). In the discussion which follows I’m talking about Earth System Models (ESMs), but the arguments could apply to many other modelling activities (e.g. epidemiological modelling).

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  • What is a digital twin? -

    There is a lot of talk about “digital twins”, so my first question was: “what is a digital twin?”

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  • When failure to share data costs lives -

    A blog article in three parts: history, some strong statements about the importance of open data, and some even stronger statements about failures to prepare for modelling an epidemic.

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My last few significant talks were:

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