This is my blog and website. You can find out more about it and me here. My main research interests are climate science and the necessary underpinning software engineering, data science, computer science, and compute and storage architectures. Keep up to date using my feed.

Blog articles and Talks

My last few blog items and talks are listed below. A complete list of blog articles is here with a complete list of talks here.

  • Meeting: UK Lustre Users Group, Manchester, 06 December, 2023

    In this keynote talk I introduced the work we have been doing on active storage (also known as computational storage) as part of the ExcaliData projects within Excalibur (the UK exascale software readiness programme).  more

    Talk: The ExcaliData Implementation of Active Storage. An opportunity for Lustre?

  • Article: Using Deep Learning to find cyclones in model output - 09 Jul, 2023

    Galea, D., Kunkel, J., & Lawrence, B. N. (2023). TCDetect: A New Method of Detecting the Presence of Tropical Cyclones Using Deep Learning. Artificial Intelligence for the Earth Systems, 2(3), e220045.  more

  • Meeting: NCAS@Reading Weekly Seminar, Reading, 23 June, 2023

    In this seminar I laid out the background to the new ENES infrastructure strategy, including not only the computing context but a good part of the science motivation for a spectrum of climate modelling activities. Below I sketch out a summary of a few of the points I made.  more

    Talk: Climate Science - What lies beneath?

  • Article: Draft ENES Infrastructure Strategy Open for Comment - 20 Jun, 2023

    One of the many reasons I have been so quiet of late is that I have been bevering away on a new ENES1 infrastructure strategy for climate modelling. We now have a draft out for public feedback, so please do comment! ENES is the European Network for Earth System modelling - main website is at (Footnote added, 21/06/23). ↩  more

  • Article: Dual Tariffs for EVs Don't Play Nicely with Heatpumps - 18 Jun, 2023

    So we have an EV (a “2021 Vauxhall corsa e”, since you asked). We had to get one in a hurry as our 2008 Seat Ibiza ecomotive died very suddenly and unexpectedly. We had always planned to replace with an EV, but imagined that would be in a year or two. As we live in place with no public transport, and my wife and I both have o(20) mile commutes (in diffiferent directions), we had to buy a replacement in a hurry - without doing much due diligence, either around car or charging options.  more

  • Meeting: UKNCSP Strategic Workshop on High Resolution Climate Modelling, Met Office, Exeter, June 16, 2023

    This was an inaugural meeting of the UK high resolution climate modelling community under the auspices of the new UK National Climate Science Partnership.  more

    Talk: Data Challenges for UK (global) k-scale modelling

  • Meeting: Baljifest, GFDL, Princeton, via Zoom, May 15, 2023

    Baljifest was a celebration of the contributions of Balaji to climate modelling at GFDL and Princeton. There was a day of presentations, followed by a panel on the future of climate modelling. Saravanan and I kicked off the panel with a presentation each.  more

    Talk: Perspectives on the Future of Climate Modelling

  • Meeting: UK Turbulence Consortium, 2023 Annual Meeting, Imperial College, London, March 26, 2023

    An invited talk to the UK turbulence consortium which aimed to describe some of the activities the climate science commmunity has undertaken, and is undertaking, to deal with the data deluge.  more

    Talk: Generic lessons from data management in support of climate simulation workflows

  • Article: Two new preprints - 05 Oct, 2021

    I’ve just added links to two preprints to my publications page. Quite different topics. (There are also a lot of recent talks online as well, I’ve had a busy month!)  more

  • Meeting: ESiWACE2 2021 General Assembly, Gotomeeting, September 27, 2021

    An update on progress in the ESiWACE2 fourth work package, WP4, data (systems) at scale.  more

    Talk: WP4 Data at Scale