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This is my blog and website. You can find out more about it and me here. My main research interests are climate science and the necessary underpinning software engineering, data science, computer science, and compute and storage architectures. Keep up to date using my feed.


My last few blog items (given my blog is quiet nowadays, there might be more recent talks, see below):

  • Workload Revisited -

    In April I reported my first couple of months of workload anlaysis using the timing app. I’ve now done three more months, so was interested to look at how I’d done.

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  • Getting to know an Ipad: Week One -

    I was an early adopter of Android tablets, and my most recent one (a 2014 Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1) was excellent. It’s still excellent, but runs an ancient version of Android – too ancient for my paranoia about information security, so it needed replacement.

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See also my blog page or my feed. You may also be interested in my projects pages, or the talks below.


My last few signifant talks were:

  • Data Systems at Scale
    (at ESIWACE2 Kick-Off, Hamburg, March, 2019)
  • The end of Climate Modelling as we know it
    (at NCAS Seminar, Reading, March, 2019)
  • Supercomputers are no longer all the same and it will get worse
    (at Computer Science Seminar, Reading, February, 2019)
  • Trends and Context for Environmental HPC
    (at NERC HPC Strategy, London, November, 2018)

More on the talks page!