I’ve been interested in trackback since before I started blogging. I have mused about it in the past, and still think it has significant potential. Our claddier project will exploit a modified version of trackback to explicitly make citation links between repositories.

So it’s great to discover via Sam Ruby that there is a proposal to take TrackBack through the internet standards track, with the explicit aim of addressing:

  • Standardization
  • Protocol Extensibility
  • Authentication
  • Better documentation

and perhaps other aims of merging ping and pingback and removing the RDF nastiness.

So, mug like I am, with no time, I’ve still signed up for the mailing list …

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Allan Doyle (on Friday 24 February, 2006) Thanks for the pointers in the last two posts! Good stuff. Between trackback and RSS (or Atom, I’m not picky), you have the makings of two incredibly useful web protocols for more than just blogging.

Alan (on Friday 24 February, 2006) Yeah i am excited about it too.

Ironic though i was going to blog about this and trackback to this entry! LOL

bryan (on Friday 24 February, 2006) Yeah, embarrassing isn’t it? I have an implementation of trackback in testcode, and so does leonardo (this blogging software) - but it’s broken. I promise to do something about it soon so I can take trackbacks.