This was an inaugural meeting of the UK high resolution climate modelling community under the auspices of the new UK National Climate Science Partnership.

Presentation: pdf (650 KB)

I was asked for ten minutes on data challenges at high resolution. What I chose to present here was

  • a reminder of the scale of the challenge (with a very old slide showing the number of numbers a 1km global run will produce),
  • a list of challenges and issues to consider,
  • some pieces of Excalibur and Esiwace funded research we have been doing in this space (on aggregations an ensemble analysis, more about those another day),
  • some of the conclusions of the ENES infrastructure strategy1 which address workflow, and in particular how the advent of in-flight analysis on top of large communities of downstream analysts requires us to start treating big experiments more like satellite missions than personal research projects.
  1. The draft strategy is available on the IS-ENES website, and should make it to zenodo soon.