I’ve just discovered that Internet Explorer has been rendering the menu for this site with nothing readable in the menu … for three months! (I checked it out on firefox, konqueror, and safari …). The menu used to look like this: Image: IMAGE: static/2005/01/25/iesuck_screenshot.jpg

The culprit? My css used to have div#menu p { margin-top : 0px; margin-bottom : 0px; font : 0.9em “trebuchet ms”, verdana, arial, helvetica, sans-serif; line-height : 1.1em; } Now I’ve removed the *0.9 em * it seems to work fine. Of course it looks ever so slightly less attractive on the other browsers. My, I hate IE!

Note added later: actually, it turns out that even this hasn’t worked properly on IE explorer, I suspect those of you with IEV6 will be seeing the image in the bottom right and overlaying some of the text. I might not blame IE too harshly though - it’s possible that the html soup on this page has confused it. Maybe my new wiki code will clean this up … but we’ll have to wait for that.