Most of the silence on my blog over the last year has been because I have been heavily involved in a lot of management bumf (yawn) and deep in the bowels of some interesting projects (big smile). A lot of the project work has involved documents and wiki work, and in the case of metafor, about 10,000 lines of python using the django framework. If you’re that interested, you can nosy around:

I’ve also been twittering a wee bit, but I hasten to add that the use of twitter hasn’t been at the expense of my blogging, far from it, it’s primarily been because I could! With the advent of a decent twitter client for kubuntu (choqok), and the purchase of a new phone (an htc desire), I find I can make useful use of twitter, so I am.

Moving forward, I’m going to try and move some of the work I’ve been doing on trac wiki pages back to my blog. I think the train of thought mode of blogging will actively help me, and I can always link from here to the tickets etc on the trac sites.