I’m afraid this blog will be quiet for a few weeks now, unlike my house:


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Kia Kaha My Boy (from “Bryan’s Blog” on (on Wednesday 24 December, 2008))

Evan Lawrence, Born 5 July 2007, Died 18 December 2008. Forever Young.

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william (on Tuesday 10 July, 2007) Congratulations (I think!)

Bryan (on Tuesday 10 July, 2007) Cheers, … I suspect a second kid in the house is going to slow me up rather more than the first one :-)

JP (on Tuesday 10 July, 2007) So that’s why you didn’t answer when I was in Oxford area. Glad I didn’t have to stay the night… doubt I would have got any sleep.

Jeremy Tandy (on Wednesday 18 July, 2007) Bryan – you look a little shell-shocked! Hope everything is going well; second time around it seems so much easier to get into a routine (as though the body remembers how to deal with fatigue!)