Supercomputers are no longer all the same and it will get worse; a climate modelling perspective

Presentation: pdf (30 MB)

This was a seminar given in Computer Science at the University of Reading. I was aiming to kick the ball through a few balls at once, being introductions to

  • Climate modelling for computer scientists, to get across the size of the computational and data handling problems, leading to
  • The changing way we deal with simulation data - from “download” to “remote access”, and the need for
  • New data analysis supercomputers, and in particular, JASMIN.

From there I switched gear to

  • A discussion of Moore’s Law, and it’s demise, and
  • How we can still make progress in (climate) science with new maths (including AI and ML), new algorithms, new programming techniques, and new ways of working with data.

The bottom line I wanted to get across to this audience was that there is lots of scope for computer science, and lots of interesting things to do.