This is a list of my significant talks since 2006.

See also a fuller view at my talks page!

  1. The ExcaliData Implementation of Active Storage. An opportunity for Lustre?
    (at UK Lustre Users Group, Manchester, 06 December, 2023)
  2. Climate Science - What lies beneath?
    (at NCAS@Reading Weekly Seminar, Reading, 23 June, 2023)
  3. Data Challenges for UK (global) k-scale modelling
    (at UKNCSP Strategic Workshop on High Resolution Climate Modelling, Met Office, Exeter, June 16, 2023)
  4. Perspectives on the Future of Climate Modelling
    (at Baljifest, GFDL, Princeton, via Zoom, May 15, 2023)
  5. Generic lessons from data management in support of climate simulation workflows
    (at UK Turbulence Consortium, 2023 Annual Meeting, Imperial College, London, March 26, 2023)
  6. WP4 Data at Scale
    (at ESiWACE2 2021 General Assembly, Gotomeeting, September 27, 2021)
  7. Digital Twin Thinking for HPC in Weather and Climate
    (at 19th Workshop on high performance computing in meteorology, Zoom, September 20, 2021)
    (at ESCAPE-2 Final Dissemination Workshop, Zoom, September 03, 2021)
    (at Benchmarking for ExCALIBUR Update, Zoom, September 02, 2021)
  10. An Introduction to ExCALIDATA
    (at Benchmarking for ExCALIBUR Update, Zoom, September 02, 2021)
  11. Data Systems at Scale, Mid-Term Update
    (at ESIWACE2 Mid-Term Review, GotoMeeting, October, 2020)
  12. When (and how) should a simulation be FAIR?
    (at Earthcube - What about Data?, Boulder via Hangout, May 2020)
  13. Challenges facing the modelling community
    (at The UM User's Workshop 2019 - Next Generation Modellin Systems, Exeter, June, 2019)
  14. Data Systems at Scale
    (at ESIWACE2 Kick-Off, Hamburg, March, 2019)
  15. The end of Climate Modelling as we know it
    (at NCAS Seminar, Reading, March, 2019)
  16. Supercomputers are no longer all the same and it will get worse
    (at Computer Science Seminar, Reading, February, 2019)
  17. Trends and Context for Environmental HPC
    (at NERC HPC Strategy, London, November, 2018)
  18. Beating Data Bottlenecks in Weather and Climate Science
    (at Extreme Data Workshop, J├╝lich, September, 2018)
  19. Building a community hydrological model
    (at Open Meeting for Hydro-JULES - Next generation land-surface and hydrological predictions, Wallingford, September, 2018)
  20. The Changing Nature of JASMIN
    (at JASMIN User Conference, Milton, June, 2018)
  21. Climate Data: Issues, Systems and Opportunities
    (at Data-Intensive weather and climate science, Exeter, June, 2018)
  22. Weather and Climate Requirements for EuroHPC
    (at EuroHPC Requirements Workshop, Brussels, June, 2018)
  23. Opportunities and Challenges for Data Science in (Big) Environmental Science
    (at Data Sciences for Climate and Environment (Alan Turing Institute), London, March, 2018)
  24. Exploiting Weather & Climate Data at Scale (WP4)
    (at ESiWACE General Assembly, Berlin, December, 2017)
  25. The Data Deluge in High Resolution Climate and Weather Simulation
    (at European Big Data Value Forum, Versailles, November, 2017)
  26. Data Interoperability and Integration - A climate modelling perspective.
    (at Science and the Digital Revolution - Data, Standards, and Integration, Royal Society, London, November, 2017)
  27. Performance, Portability, Productivity - Which two do you want?
    (at Gung Ho Network Meeting, Exeter University, July 2017)
  28. The UK JASMIN Environmental Commons
    (at International Supercomputing (ISC) and JASMIN User Conferences, Frankfurt and Didcot, June 2017)
  29. The UK JASMIN Environmental Commons - Now and into the Future
    (at International Supercomputing (ISC) and JASMIN User Conferences, Frankfurt and Didcot, June 2017)
  30. Data Centre Technology to Support Environmental Science
    (at NERC Town Hall Meeting on Data Centre Futures, London, October, 2016)
  31. Computer Science Issues in Environmental Infrastructure
    (at Meteorology meets Computer Science Symposium, University of Reading, September 2016)
  32. Science Drivers - Why JASMIN?
    (at JASMIN User Conference, RAL, June, 2016)
  33. A ten minute introduction to ES-DOC technology
    (at CEDA Vocbulary Meeting, RAL, March, 2016)
  34. ESDOC for CMIP6
    (at IS-ENES2 2nd General Assembly, Hamburg, February, 2016)
  35. UK academic infrastructure to support (big) environmental science
    (at International Computing in Atmospheric Science (ICAS), Annecy, September, 2015)
  36. Why Cloud? Earth Systems Science
    (at RCUK Cloud Workshop, Warwick, June, 2015)
  37. Beating the tyranny of scale with a private cloud configured for Big Data
    (at EGU, Vienna, April, 2015)
  38. It starts and Ends with Data- Towards exascale from an earth system science perspective
    (at Big Data and Extreme-Scale Computing (BDEC), Barcelona, January, 2015)
  39. Bringing Compute to the Data
    (at Big Data and Extreme-Scale Computing (BDEC), Barcelona, January, 2015)
  40. Leptoukh Lecture - Trends in Computing for Climate Research
    (at AGU Fall Meeting, San Francisco, December, 2014)
  41. Weather and Climate modelling at the Petascale - Achievements and perspectives. The roadmap to PRIMAVERA
    (at Symposium on HPC and Data-Intensive Apps, Trieste, November, 2014)
  42. Infrastructure for Environmental Supercomputing - Beyond the HPC!
    (at Symposium on HPC and Data-Intensive Apps, Trieste, November, 2014)
  43. JASMIN - A NERC Data Analysis Environment
    (at NERC ICT Current Awareness, Warwick, October, 2014)
  44. The influence of Moore's Law and friends on our computing environment!
    (at NCAS Science Meeting, Bristol, July, 2014)
  45. Environmental Modelling at both large and small scales: How simulating complexity leads to a range of computing challenges
    (at e-Research NZ, Hamilton, June/July, 2014)
  46. The road to exascale for climate science: crossing borders or crossing disciplines, can one do both at the same time?
    (at e-Research NZ, Hamilton, June/July, 2014)
  47. JASMIN: the Joint Analysis System for big data
    (at e-Research NZ, Hamilton, June/July, 2014)
  48. The Future of ESGF in the context of ENES and IS-ENES2
    (at IS-ENES2 Kickoff Meeting, Paris, France, May, 2013)
  49. Bridging Communities - Technical Concerns for Building Integrated Environmental Models
    (at Coupling Workshop (CW2013), Boulder, Colorado, February, 2013)
  50. Data, the elephant in the room. JASMIN one step along the road to dealing with the elephant.
    (at 2nd IS-ENES Workshop on High-performance computing for Climate Models, Toulouse, France, January, 2013)
  51. Issues to address before we can have an open climate modelling ecosystem
    (at AGU Fall meeting, San Francisco, December, 2012)
  52. Exploiting high volume simulations and observations of the climate
    (at ESA CCI 3rd Colocation Meeting, Frascati, September, 2012)
  53. Weather and Climate Computing Futures in the context of European Competitiveness
    (at ICT Competitiveness, Trieste, September, 2012)
  54. British experience with building standards based networks for climate and environmental research
    (at An Aussie Triumvirate, Canberra and Gold Coast, November, 2010)
  55. Rethinking metadata to realise the full potential of linked scientific data
    (at An Aussie Triumvirate, Canberra and Gold Coast, November, 2010)
  56. Provenance, metadata, and e-infrastructure to support climate science
    (at An Aussie Triumvirate, Canberra and Gold Coast, November, 2010)
  57. Cyberinfrastructure Challenges (from a climate science repository perspective)
    (at NSF Cyberinfrastructure for Data, Redmond, USA, September, 2010)
  58. Software & Data Infrastructure for Earth System Modelling
    (at ENES Earth System Modelling Scoping Meeting, Montvillargennes, March, 2010)
  59. Distributed Data, Distributed Governance, Distributed Vocabularies; The NERC DataGrid
    (at RDF and Ontology Workshop, Edinburgh, June, 2006)
  60. NERC DataGrid Status
    (at NERC e-Science All-Hands-Meeting, AHM, April, 2006)